Call for Art

The painting “Second Nature” by the contemporary Uyghur artist Nijat Hushur, above, reflects the feelings of loneliness and separation he experienced when he began the process of seeking asylum in Sweden, apart from his wife and children.

Hi. Are you from Xinjiang and now living abroad like me? Are you suffering from anxiety and depression witnessing from afar what is going on in our dear homeland? Do you constantly feel your emotions being built up and repressed, too? Or, do you feel silenced by censorship and fear of your family getting punished?

Perhaps… art is a way to get it all out.

Join me to express your opinions through art and design. Join me in having your voices heard. As you can see, I am no artist. You don’t have to be one either. The most important thing is your well-being and freedom to express yourself. If you are concerned for safety, you can always submit anonymously.

All genres welcome

This project welcomes all creative genres including drawing, design, poetry, photography, collage, performance art, film, audio, installation, and so on.

Art Exhibition

Submissions will be collectively displayed online and at exhibitions worldwide to amplify Uyghur, Kazakh, Kirghiz, Hui, and Tatar diaspora voices and stories. Exhibiting on a single platform will form solidarity and community for healing, and most importantly, give us a stronger voice!


This project welcomes submissions made under real names, under pseudonyms, and anonymously.

Please submit your work to, with a few sentences introducing your art. Thank you so much!