Tomato Shirt

Juxkun, a concerned friend of Xinjiang, designed this T-shirt to address the issue of China’s resource extraction in Xinjiang. Besides the cotton and oil industries, Xinjiang produces more than 70% of China’s tomatoes and a significant portion of canned and processed tomatoes for export into the global economy, for example Heinz tomato ketchup. The massive paramilitary organization, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corp (XPCC), established in the 1950s, engages in large scale land reclamation and facilitates an increasing ethnic Han population influx into the region. It also plays an active role in operating many of the re-education camps at the moment. Tomato production is controlled by XPCC’s Tunhe Corporation. One fourth of the world’s tomato paste comes from Xinjiang.

If you are interested in purchasing the shirt, here is Juxkun’s kickstarter page.

Buying a T-Shirt is not activism. But it is our hope that this T-Shirt can be a tool to enhance your activism. Whether that’s wearing it to a protest, or wearing it to a corner store, we hope it will provoke conversations with people who recognize the label and recognize the words, but don’t yet understand the connection.

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