My Motherland

Featured image is credited to photographer Theo Paul. The image shows a skeleton of yurt in the open air. This is an object that symbolizes the reduced mobility for nomads in Xinjiang. Due to the state development projects, more pastoral nomadic populations were sedentarized or pressured to change their livelihood. Metal yurt structures replaced original wooden ones, which are dissembled and resembled quickly in mobile pastoral lifestyle.

This is a powerful music video produced by an anonymous singer friend. Shared with artist’s permission on Sep 17, 2019.

Quite a self-explanatory video telling the lived experience of Turkic speaking peoples in Xinjiang at the moment: family separation, cultural genocide, surveillance, forced inter-ethnic marriage, home invasion and spying, forced wage labor, state orphanage/residential school…

An anonymous singer salutes to his homeland in this song depicting the ongoing cultural genocide in Uyghur region

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