The Simpsons in Xinjiang

by Yi Xiaocuo, Oct 14, 2019

In light of the PRC government’s overreach and censorship in the US today, this comic visualizes a thought experiment in which the American pop culture icons—The Simpsons—stand in the shoes of the Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and other Turkic people in Xinjiang. Note: This is not to make light of the situation.

In this comic, Lisa is stranded abroad and tries to be vocal for her family with whom she has lost touch; Marge is doing mandatory labor at a textile factory in Ghulja; Homer is shackled and blindfolded wearing a vest marked “Kashgar detention center” along with other detained men; Bart writes on the blackboard “If there is no Communist Party, there is no new Springfield”, wearing a young pioneer’s red scarf; Maggie is taken to the Springfield state orphanage for children whose parents have been detained, she is making a TikTok video to express anguish for family separation.

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